Chris Levin headed one of the most established Haute Couture houses in South Africa, specializing in exclusive day wear, evening wear and bridal wear. Only the finest fabrics from Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain qualified for these creations

The ‘Levin look’ has always been one of high quality fabrics, fine cut, immaculate finish and timeless elegance. Special attention was always given to detail, suitability and appearance.

His client base included both South African and international women, many of whom were recognized leaders in the business, political, diplomatic, social and cultural spheres. Amongst these can be noted Elizabeth Taylor and South African first lady Marike de Klerk.

His Pret-a-Porter division provided off-the-peg ranges to leading fashion and chain stores nationally. Using more affordable fabrics, this enabled his designs to reach a wider market.

The textile arm of his company specialized in the finest designer fabrics and accessories imported from major international fabric houses. These were supplied to the designer, exclusive, and retail markets.

Over the years, Levin has also directed his creativity towards interior design. He applies his skills and knowledge to producing domestic interiors as well as corporate interiors. 

Levin was involved in the designing of uniforms for national and international airlines namely South African Airways, Trek Airways, Luxavia and Tanzania Air. He was also co-opted for the design and image of large government organizations such as Telkom and South African Post Office. His designs have also extended to the travel, catering and commercial industries.

There has also been a demand for his promotional design abilities in the commercial sphere to enhance corporate products and sales.